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Do you need a test to know if you're happy?


No, probably not. Almost everyone who listens to themselves can feel whether they are satisfied, whether they are happy or whether they lack the feeling of happiness, perhaps even lost it a long time ago. Just as we know whether we have moved enough today without looking at our smart watch. However, looking at the clock and the number of steps displayed there is an impetus for many people to start walking again (and how good it is then...). And that's how our happiness test is to be seen: as a display and source of inspiration. Because you probably found your way here because you are maybe not completely carefree and satisfied and want to get to the bottom of the matter.




The hellolife Happiness Test is like a pedometer


Because your test result shows you in a graphic evaluation very clearly, without many words and unnecessary frills, which things in your life are important to you in order to be happy (e.g. recognition at work, a harmonious relationship) = your target number of steps. And on the other hand you can see how satisfied you are with your current living conditions = your actual number of steps. You will also find the average result of all those who have already taken the test in the result graph. This may help you to better assess your own situation.
In addition to the graphic test evaluation, you will also receive suggestions and tips with your result on how you can bring more happiness and satisfaction into your everyday life with small steps - because they count too. 

Some people actually manage to noticeably improve their own well-being with the help of a pedometer and small changes in behavior. So consider our happiness test as an opportunity to invest a few minutes in yourself. Thinking about what's important and less important to you, seeing your results, and being able to put them in context with everyone else who took the test can be very helpful.




What is happiness?


When asked what someone wants most in life, probably the most common answer given is: to be happy. That sounds almost modest and yet for many people it does not seem to be a normal or lasting condition. Why are we looking for it? Can you learn to be happy? Or does the feeling come by itself? And what exactly is happiness?

In order to get to the bottom of happiness, it is important to take a closer look at the term and clarify at what level we are talking about it, because happiness has always been a topic that people look at from different angles. Just imagine a panel discussion where a neurobiologist, an economist, a theologian, and a psychologist discuss their understanding of happiness. While one talks about the neurotransmitter serotonin, the next mentions the gross domestic product as an indicator of prosperity and thus an influencing factor for happiness, the third sees the grace of God as a basic prerequisite for being able to feel happiness. They may find a little unity here and there, but what is clear is that happiness and being happy are a wide field. 



I do have suggestions for the improvement of the Happiness Test. What shall I do?
Fantastic. Send us an email – we love to hear and learn from you.
Is the hellolife Happiness Test really free of charge?
Absolutely. No costs, no commitments, easy to do and – we sincerely hope – helpful to you.
Are my results confidential?
Absolutely! As far as we are concerned, your result is for you and for your eyes only (unless you decide to share it). Needless to say, we will not share your individual result with anyone else or use it in any other form.
What happens when I finish the test?

Right after finishing the test, your result will be displayed on the screen. We will also send you the graphical result, together with a more detailed explanation to your email address. This allows you to review and access your results whenever you want.

In addition, we will add you to the hellolife newsletter distribution list. Don’t worry, you can cancel at any point in time, but we trust that you will find the information shared in our newsletter valuable and entertaining.

How long does it take to do the hellolife Happiness Test?

Answering the series of questions is easy and quick. It will take no more than 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how much thought you put into each answer.

We encourage you to answer spontaneously, but obviously not randomly as the result won’t be accurate if your input is not.

How does the hellolife Happiness Test work?

You will go through a series of questions where you will provide answers by a simple click. There is no right or wrong.

Right when you finish, you will receive your personal result that helps you to understand better what drives your own satisfaction. The test result will also show you an anonymous comparison with everyone else who has done the test so far. The test is free and your result is confidential to you.

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