General Terms & Conditions concerning the use of


Welcome to hellolife! is an online platform for high-quality coaching services operated by hellolife LLC (hereinafter referred to as “hellolife”, “” or “we”), registered in the United Arab Emirates under the license number 2218303.01 at Sharjah Media City, P.O. Box 51500, Sharjah, UAE. enables demanders (hereinafter referred to as “clients” or “prospect clients”) and providers of coaching services (hereinafter referred to as “coaches” or “life coaches”) to get in touch with each other. Both sides – clients and coaches – are collectively referred to as users of Clients can read content, compare profiles of coaches, post coach search requests, and contact coaches directly on Coaches can present themselves to potential clients via their coach profile and published content. In addition to this, coaches can actively respond to posted coach search requests.
These General Terms in Conditions (“T&Cs”) are applicable to all users of the platform. hellolife reserves the right to modify, to amend or to redraft the existing T&Cs at any time without giving reasons. Registered users will be informed about the modifications. Should the user not object within two weeks of receiving the notice of change, the modified T&Cs are considered approved.

You should read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using our website, as by using our website you are confirming that you accept these Terms and Conditions and that you will comply with them.



1. User contract

2. Data protection

3. Account and user profile

4. Use of the online platform – in general

5. Happiness Test

6. Coach Search Requests on

7. The coach’s obligation

8. Granting of rights

9. Contract duration & termination

10. Billing and payment terms

11. Refund of credits & subscription fees

12. Trade and economic sanctions

13. Warranty and liability


1. User Contract

1.1 Object of the contract

Object of the contract is the access to the online platform hellolife on which users may present themselves and contact other users. Hellolife creates, services and maintains the online platform, however does not itself act as the intermediary between users.

1.2 Eligible users

Solely coaches and clients, i.e. natural or legal persons, who are acting within the scope of their commercial or independent professional capacity when concluding legal transactions, are considered to be coaches, and are eligible to conclude contracts with hellolife.

1.3 Conclusion of contract

The contract with hellolife for the use of the online platform is concluded with the completion of the online registration process and use of the activation link in the verification e-mail sent to the user by hellolife (hereinafter referred to as “registration”). With his registration, the user attests that he is an eligible user as stipulated in 1.2 of these T&Cs. Furthermore, the user is obliged to make a truthful and complete declaration of the information requested for the registration.
The user is also required to always provide a current email address as email serves as the means of communication between the user and hellolife.
In case of a modification of the recorded data after the registration, the user is required to change these in his account without delay.

1.4 Membership and fees

The applicable fees will be displayed during the respective processing step. For clients, is free of charge. This includes the taking of the happiness test, subscription to newsletters, consuming content on hellolife, browsing coach profiles, and registering coach search requests.
To be registered as a coach on hellolife, coaches are charged a time-based membership fee. Multiple packages are offered on the website. In addition, the active participation in a posted coach search requests is linked to a fee, that’s paid by the coaches via a credit system (hellos) on hellolife.

1.5 Not accepting a contract by hellolife

hellolife is entitled to not accept the user registration – either as client or coach without obligation to name any reasons.


2. Data protection

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how your personal information will be used.


3. Account and user profile

3.1 Account & user profile

Upon a successful registration, the user is provided with an account, within which he can create his/her own profile.
Each user is limited to one account, either one account as client or one account as coach.
The account is protected by a username and a password (hereinafter referred to as “login information”) which are determined during the registration process. The user must ensure that his login information is not accessible to third parties. In case of loss of the login information, or in case of suspicion that a third party has knowledge of the information or is making use of the user’s account, the user is obliged to inform hellolife about this immediately and to change his login information.

3.2 Account and user profile information and updating

The user ensures that the information provided during the creation of the account is accurate and complete. The user is obliged to promptly reflect all modifications of his account and profile data on his account on the online platform.
3.3 Binding user account and profile

The account is bound to the user and cannot be transferred to a third party without the explicit approval by hellolife.
3.4 Data protection

The user is obliged to back up all data (i.e. profile data, project descriptions, bids etc.) which he/she uses in connection with hellolife on a regular basis, to the necessary extent. hellolife cannot be made liable for loss of any data.


4. Use of the online platform – in general

4.1 General obligation to comply with legal requirements

Users can utilize various services when using the online platform. This includes, for example, sending messages to other users and posting their own content. The user undertakes to comply with these T&Cs and applicable law, especially criminal law, competition law, trademark law, copyright law, personal rights, data protection law and laws concerning the protection of young persons, and not to violate the rights of any third party when using this platform.
This also signifies in particular that the user may not send messages with advertising content (especially spam-messages) without the consent of the recipient. If the contents posted by the user contains hyperlinks to pages of third parties, the user shall ensure that he has the authorization to use the hyperlinks and that the website to which the link is established complies with applicable laws and the right of third parties.

4.2 Interdiction of fake search requests

hellolife is dependent on the fact that solely genuine coach search requests are posted. Therefore, it is prohibited to users to post coach search requests whose fulfilment has never been intended.
4.3 Reference function

hellolife provides the possibility to publish references and comments related to services experienced by coaches. Clients are obliged to issue an honest and truthful assessment, expressed in a balanced and objective manner. Reviews should not contain any racist or sexist content, or content which is otherwise of offensive nature. hellolife has the right, but is not obliged, to delete assessment entries. hellolife also reserves the right to ban individuals from leaving further reviews in the future. 

4.4 Blog commenting function

hellolife provides the possibility to post comments linked to articles in the blog. Users are encouraged do to so and hellolife expects an honest and respectful usage of this functionality. Comments should be helpful and be expressed in a balanced and objective manner. Comments should not contain any racist or sexist content, or content which is otherwise of offensive nature. hellolife has the right, but is not obliged, to delete comments. hellolife also reserves the right ban individuals from leaving further comments in the future if judged as appropriate. 

4.5 Blocking and deleting contents

hellolife is authorized to block the access to or delete certain contents at any given time. This is particularly applicable in case of suspected violation of the T&Cs, applicable laws, or rights of third parties.
4.6 Prohibition of technical interference

The user must abstain from all actions which are suited to manipulate, impair and/or excessively strain the operation of the online platform or the underlying technical infrastructure and its functions/access possibilities. These include in particular:
the use of software, viruses, robots, scripts, or databases in connection with the use of the online platform as well as blocking, overwriting, modifying, copying of data and/or other contents, insofar as that it is not necessary for the correct use of the online platform.


5. Happiness Test

5.1. Costs

The Happiness Test on is provided at no costs or commitments.

5.2 Test results

Individual test results are only shared once directly and automatically via email with the participant of the test. The individual test result will not be used in any means of communication or offering by and will not be shared with any third party.

Aggregations of the test results will be used in analyses or could be published as reports. Individual answers or identities will never be disclosed.

5.3. Subscription to newsletter

Every participant of the Happiness Test is automatically added to the newsletter distribution list of hellolife. At any moment it is possible to unsubscribe from it.

5.4. Methodology

The methodology of the Happiness Test has been developed based on personal experience and is provided free of charge with the intent to help and provide some clarity to those who choose to take the test. hellolife does not claim any scientific accuracy and accepts no liability. Survey results should be ignored if they don’t seem to match with a participant’s reality. hellolife is extremely thankful for any feedback that supports the evolution of the test. 


6. Coach search requests on hellolife

The following points should serve as an additional detailing in clarification in the area of the coach search request functionality of They complement the rest of the T&Cs.

6.1 Costs for the client

Submitting a coach search request on hellolife is done by a client posting a description of his/her personal situation and aspiration and registering a user account at hellolife. This service is provided free of charge to the client.

6.2 Identity of the client

The identity of clients submitting a coach search request is not being shared with coaches. It is up to the client to disclose him- or herself by getting directly in touch with the coaches of choice.

6.3 No obligation to hire a coach

As stated under 4.2., coach search requests must be honest and real. At the same time a client does not have the obligation to contact or contract any of the coaches that replied to the coach search request.

6.4 Liability of hellolife

hellolife cannot in any way endorse or confirm that coaches identified as a result of the coach search request process are able to fulfil the expected requirements, and it will be the sole responsibility of the client to engage with the coaches to establish whether they can meet the requirements prior to the client entering into a customer contract. If a client engages a coach to provide coaching services, both sides will enter a customer contract between them. For the avoidance of doubt, the coaching services are provided by the coach, not by hellolife.

6.5 Participation of coaches in a coach search request

If a coach redeems credits in order to reply to a particular coach search request, the coach will be able to provide a personal reply to the prospective client. hellolife will ensure that the prospective client is able to access the replies they receive from the coaches who responded to the coach search request. The prospective client may or may not decide to get in direct touch with one or several coaches and enter a separate contract with any of them. Upon engagement by a prospective client, he/she will become a direct customer of the respective coach, not a customer of hellolife.

6.6 End of coach search request

hellolife does not guarantee that a participating coach will be successfully hired as result of responding to the coach search request. hellolife’s role is to create the opportunity to get in touch with a prospective client. If the coach is not securing a job, the coach will not be entitled to any credit refund. Please see Section 11 below for further information regarding our policy on credit refunds.


7. The coaches’ obligations

7.1 Quality of service

Coaches warrant to hellolife that the services provided to the coaching customers will be performed by the coach and anyone acting on the coach’s behalf with due care and diligence, with integrity, and to such high standard of quality as it is reasonable for the customer to expect in all the circumstances, and shall comply at all times with all laws, guidance and regulations that apply to your provision of the services to customers (including, without limitation, those relating to data privacy, consumer law, and health & safety). The coach will comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations, and codes relating to anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

Coaches acknowledge, that although not directly involved, hellolife may suffer reputational damage in case of coaches failing to perform contractual obligations properly.

7.2 Customer references 

Upon completion of a coach’s registration on the website, hellolife shall include the opportunity for customers to review a coach’s performance which shall be available on the website for users of hellolife to see. Coaches acknowledge and agree that any reviews left are the clients’ personal opinion (see 4.3.), and that hellolife is not liable to any coach in any way for the content and implications of such reviews.

7.3 Contract cancellation by hellolife

hellolife reserves the right to cancel the contract with a coach at any point in time if the level of cooperation, quality of services and content published on hellolife deviates substantially from the high quality standards of hellolife. Due to a rigorous selection and onboarding process, we anticipate that this clause will only be relevant in rare cases. Please see section 11 for further information regarding our policy on credit refunds.

7.4 Confidential Information

As part of the registration, coaches will gain access to confidential information and material. Examples are process descriptions, “how-to guides”, announcements of planned activities and priorities of hellolife. Coaches will keep this information confidential, will not share, distribute, or re-use the information and material in any other context than the one intended by hellolife.


8. Granting of rights

8.1 Granting of rights

The user grants hellolife a non-exclusive right of use without restrictions of time and space of posted contents. hellolife is entitled at any given time to use and exploit the contents entirely or in parts within the scope of the fulfilment of the service contract. hellolife is particularly entitled to represent and publish the contents posted by the user on the online platform. Furthermore, this includes the right of reproduction, the right of distribution, the right of communication to the public and the right to make the contents publicly available.
8.2 Guarantee of proprietorship

The user guarantees that he/she is the proprietor of all rights necessary for posting contents on the online platform, and that he/she is fully entitled to effectively grant hellolife the rights as named in 8.1. The user guarantees furthermore that the contents are unencumbered by third party rights, which could exclude the granting of rights and their use as covered by the contract. The user guarantees that the use of the contents according to contract does not violate any rights, especially personal rights of third parties, in particular that any represented person agrees with the contractual use of the contents.
8.3 Exemption from third party claims

On hellolife´s first demand, the user shall release hellolife from all third-party claims, in particular claims concerning violations of copyrights, competition law, brand infringement, data protection breach and violation of personality which may be raised by the user in connection with the use of the online platform. The user must inform hellolife immediately of third-party claims in connection with the use of the online platform that he may become aware of. hellolife is entitled to take such measures as seem appropriate for the defense against third-party claims or for the pursuit of their rights. The user must agree with hellolife concerning his own measures in advance. The exemption also includes the compensation of reasonable costs which have incurred due to the pursuit of rights or the defense of rights by hellolife.

8.4 Rights to the online platform

All rights to the online platform (especially copyrights) reside with hellolife. The user is obliged to consider this and undertakes not to use – privately or commercially – any parts of the platform or other contents whatsoever beyond the possibilities granted to himself/herself within the context of the use of the online platform. 

8.5 Authored & co-authored articles on hellolife

In addition to 8.1-8.4:
Articles and any other content that are authored or co-authored by coaches will always be clearly linked to the respective coach by hellolife.

It is at hellolife’s discretion to publish or un-publish authored or co-authored articles on

If an authored/co-authored article continues to be published by hellolife after the respective coach decided not to renew the membership subscription, hellolife will continue to clearly refer to the respective coach as author/co-author, but remove any links to profiles (as they cease to exist without subscription on or external pages.


9. Contract duration and termination 

9.1 Contract duration and notice period

The term of the contract depends on the respective membership subscription chosen by the coach. The user contract is automatically extended by the respective term of the membership if it is not terminated in due form at the respective end of the contract term by observing a period of notice agreed for the respective membership. The respective agreed period of notice can be seen in the user account under the menu item "My Plan".

Clients can at any point in time close their free registered account.
9.2 Termination options

A contract termination is possible via the menu item “My Plan” in the user account. Contacting hellolife by email is also an option to receive support with terminating the contract. After the termination, the coach membership ends at the end of the paid period before a renewal would be required to continue.
9.3 Modification of the membership

Contractors can modify the type of membership.
An upgrade to a membership model with a wider scope of functions or a longer term length is possible at any point in time.
A downgrade to a membership model with a reduced scope of functions or term length is equally possible. No further charging would happen until the already paid amount from the canceled, higher membership subscription is used up.
9.4 Fee and price modifications by hellolife

In the case that hellolife adjusts fees or prices for various types of membership, contractors affected will be informed ahead of the changes. By default, the subscription package will be automatically reset to the level with the lowest price and scope at the end of their contract term, so that coaches can modify their membership with immediate effect.
9.5 Consequences of a contract termination

After terminating a contract, the user no longer has access to his/her account, respectively his/her profile, and can no longer view information, messages, files or other contents posted on the areas of the platform that require a membership to be accessed. hellolife has the right to delete contents. In addition, hellolife has also the right to inform other users about the termination of contract with a respective user. 


10. Billing and payment terms

10.1 Electronic invoices

Invoices are issued electronically and made available in the user´s account.
10.2 Payment terms

The due date of fees or charges is stated in the respective invoice. Unless otherwise stated, invoices are due for payment immediately.
10.3 Blocking of the account in case of payment delay

If the coach is more than 15 days in arrears with a payment, hellolife is entitled to block the user's account until full payment of all outstanding amounts. The suspension has no effect on the membership term, the contractually agreed minimum term and the fees incurred for this remain in force.


11. Refund of credits and subscription fees

11.1 Refund of credits

All credits purchased are non-refundable except if hellolife decides to terminate the contract ahead of the subscription period ending or if hellolife does not accept an extension of the subscription by the coach. 

11.2 Refund of subscription fees

Subscription fees purchased are non-refundable, except if hellolife decides to terminate the contract ahead of the subscription period ending or if hellolife does not accept and extension of the subscription by the coach. 

12. Trade and economic sanctions

12.1 Business or transactions relating to trade and economic sanctions

The user represents that he/she is not owned or controlled by any party which is, and neither the user nor any of its subsidiaries, nor any directors, officers, or employees of it or of any of its subsidiaries are, a party targeted by sanctions. The user represents that no party which owns or controls it and none of the user nor any of its subsidiaries, directors, officers, or employees of it are or have ever been subject to any claim, proceeding, formal notice or investigation with respect to sanctions.
The user shall take reasonable measures to ensure that the user and its subsidiaries comply with sanctions and shall not engage in activities that would cause hellolife to violate sanctions.
The user shall ensure that it shall not provide funds to hellolife that are derived from business or transactions with a party targeted by sanctions, or from any action which is in breach of any sanctions.
Sanctions being any trade, economic or financial sanctions laws, regulations, embargoes or restrictive measures administered, enacted or enforced by any (relevant) sanctions authority.
12.2 Blocking access

hellolife is entitled to block the user's access permanently or temporarily if there is a justified suspicion of a violation of 12.1. 


13. Warranty and liability

13.1 Availability

It is hellolife’s endeavor to provide a failure-free operation of the online platform and enable users to access the stored information. Naturally, this is limited to services which hellolife is able to influence. The user acknowledges that a complete and uninterrupted availability of hellolife is technically not feasible. Nevertheless, hellolife endeavors to keep the platform available as continuously as possible. However, there can be no claim to availability. In particular, hellolife remains free to restrict the access to the online platform completely or partially, temporarily or permanently due to maintenance, capacity restrictions, and due to events beyond hellolife’s control. Individual users do not have any claim on the upkeep of certain functions and services by hellolife.

13.2 Implications of customer feedback

At hellolife we highly encourage customers to share their coaching experience openly and transparently via the reference functionality. Those experiences – good and bad ones – are published on to support users in their search for the best possible coach. hellolife will have no liability for resulting loss of business as a consequence of negative customer feedback published on
13.3 Limitation of liability

In case of slight negligence, hellolife will only be liable in case of violation of contract-essential obligations (cardinal obligations), whereat the liability in this case is limited to the amount of contract-typical, foreseeable damage. 

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