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How It Works For You change

You are searching for the right life coach? Well, search no more. is home to outstanding coaches. You can browse our constantly growing directory of specialized coaches, get to know them by reading their blog posts, or find the perfect coach for you without searching at all. Yes, you got that right, let them find you in three easy steps. 


Step 1: Describe What You Want To Achieve

This is about you. Please focus on yourself and what you would like to achieve. A short online questionnaire will help you to detail your situation. The key is: try to be as specific as you can, but don’t worry if you feel like you can’t put your thoughts and feelings into words. That’s actually very common and one of the first achievements of your coaching journey will be increased clarity.

We’ve mentioned it before but would like to say it again: finding your right coach is free.

Step 2: Coaches Reply To Your Search Request

Your coach search request will automatically be shared with all the coaches who are relevant to your situation. At this stage, you remain anonymous. That’s important, because it is you who decides if you want to get directly in touch with the coaches whose replies resonated the most with you.

Sit back, and rest assured that the wait won’t be a long one until the first coaches get back to you. Remember the times when you found a real letter in your real mailbox? It’s a tad bit like that. You’ll love it.


Step 3: Get In Touch With Coaches You Like

Experienced coaches have shared their views with you. Now it’s up to you to take the next step. You liked a reply, and the profile of one coach or more? Fantastic. Get in touch with them or have them contact you. You guys will then take it from there and discuss your situation in more detail – any way that suits you, via email, phone, a video call, or in person. It’s all in your hands now. 


Try It Out Right Away


What is hellolife?

Hellolife is the place where you will find the perfect life coach for your personal needs. Founded with the mission to help everyone who is on the quest to rediscover happiness in their daily life, hellolife has quickly become the fastest growing platform for professional life coaches.

Finding the life coach who is just right for you is easy and completely free charge. Relevant coaches will reply to your individual coach request. In addition to that, you can explore the best coaches by searching our directory or reading our blog.

How does hellolife help me find the right coach?

All life coaches who are listed on went through a thorough interview process before being added to our directory. That means, they have passed our quality check and you can be sure they are meeting the highest coaching standards.

Looking for your perfect life coach match, you have the following options:

The easiest way to find your perfect coach is to post a coach search request. The process is straightforward and completely free. You simply answer a few questions, and your request goes out to all relevant coaches while you remain anonymous. Within hours you will receive direct answers from coaches. Then it is up to you to decide if and with whom you want to get in touch. Hands down, this is the most comfortable approach to finding your life coach.

If you prefer browsing our quickly growing directory of life coaches instead, we won’t get in your way.

Many of the coaches are also sharing their expertise and experience on our hellolife blog. Exploring their articles with the help of various filters (i.e. by the five most important blog post categories), you’ll get a great impression of what a coach has to offer and you can directly contact the ones that resonate most with your needs and personal preferences.

Sounds easy? It is.

How much does hellolife cost?

It is absolutely free of charge for you to search and find your perfect life coach. Once you found your match, our mission is accomplished and the entire hellolife team will be cheering. You will then directly interact with the coach of your choice and work towards your goals and positive changes in your life.

Do I need to select a coach if I post a search request?

Absolutely not. The one thing we ask you for is to only post a search request when you seriously consider hiring a coach. Why? Because coaches who reply to your request really care and will spend time and effort answering your search request.

We are convinced that the replies you receive will help you to discover your matching coach and we encourage you to get directly in touch with the ones whose replies are resonating with you. Direct interaction is key to see if the chemistry between you and the coach is right.

If none of the replies sound interesting to you, of course, there is no obligation to get in touch.

If I post a search request, will coaches keep sending me emails?
No. Your search request will be shared anonymously with relevant coaches – we won’t disclose your personal information like you name and email address. Once you receive replies to your request, you – and only you – can decide if and with whom you would like to get in personal touch.
If I post a search request, will I be drowning in replies from coaches?

No. In general, the more precisely you describe your situation and what you are looking for, the easier it will be for coaches to send you specific replies. And you will only receive replies from those coaches with experience in the area that is relevant for you.

Apart from that, having received three coach replies, you will be able to decide whether you wish to end the request (as you might have found your perfect coach already) or whether you wish to be contacted by more coaches over the course of the next seven days. Your search request will be closed one week after you posted it. After that, coaches will not be able to reply to you. Of course, you are always welcome to post a new request.

All your coach requests will be saved, so you’ll always be able to review them again later.

Should I post a search request if I am not seriously convinced of hiring a coach?

Clearly no, please. Coaches will put in time and effort to reply to you, and this should only happen if you are seriously considering working with a coach. If you are not at this point yet, you might want to browse our coach directory and read our blog posts to learn more about the benefits and opportunities of working with a coach.

How much does a coach typically charge?

Coaching fees vary widely. Most coaches might charge a fee per coaching session. Some coaches recommend a minimum number of sessions and many offer coaching packages.

Fees usually depend on the coach’s specialization and experience. Almost all coaches offer a free trial session. This is a great opportunity to get a feeling whether the coach fits well with your expectations.

Finding your coach via hellolife has absolutely no impact on the fees you will be charged, as we are not asking any commission from coaches, nor are we as hellolife a middleman once you directly interact with a coach. We are simply here to help you find your perfect coach.

Why should I use hellolife to find a coach?

Hellolife was founded with the sole purpose to help you to find the perfect coach who will impact your life positively. Your perfect coach might be located anywhere in this world. Hellolife makes it easy to discover the one who is right for you, and get in direct touch.

As finding the right coach is a highly personal matter, we don’t believe in automated and untransparent matching. That is why you are in control.

What we do believe in, is high quality. Only highly skilled coaches are accepted to present themselves on this platform. Every coach you discover on hellolife works independently. So, we are not a referral service for coaches. The best coaches come together on hellolife to be discovered by you.

And one last point. We don’t believe in commission business, so you can rest assured that all the fees you discuss with your coach of choice are not hiked.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is about you. It empowers you to overcome obstacles that are holding you back. It helps you find and pursue the path to leading a meaningful and happy life, to set and reach personal or professional goals, and to attain greater fulfillment. Life coaches are professionally trained companions who can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and support you in pursuing your goals with clarity and concrete actions. Many people seek a life coach’s guidance during a challenging period of their life or a time of (sometimes significant) life change.

Life coaching can be beneficial for anyone, whether you are a student, a busy mom trying to juggle everything, a manager, in their mid-life crisis, or just in need of an objective listener offering gentle guidance.

Is coaching the same as therapy?

No. While therapy and coaching are linked and partially overlapping, they are two vastly different things.

Life coaching is very powerful for mentally healthy people to achieve greater satisfaction and desired change in their personal or professional life. Clinical psychology or therapy, on the other hand, diagnoses and treats emotional and mental disorders.

Should you have doubts about your mental health, our life coaches are not the right people to help you. In this case, please reach out to a licensed therapist.

There are so many different kinds of coaches. Which one should I choose?

That’s a great question and we believe that the decision of “who is right and who is wrong” is a highly personal choice. This is one of the reasons why we at hellolife do not work with an automated and untransparent matching method. Instead, we enable you to discover and directly interact with coaches that resonate with you.

Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and many specialize in one or a few particular areas. If you know what particular expertise you are looking for, you can browse our coach directory. Apart from that, the easiest way to find the right coach, is to post a free coach search request. You will then receive replies from coaches with experience in your particular case. Reading the replies will give you a great first impression which helps you decide whom to get in contact with.

This personal interaction is key for you to see if you gel.

Do I need to choose a coach who lives close to me?

Of course not.

While face-to-ace interaction definitely has its value, it is more important that you find the right person who is able to help you on your journey. This person could literally be based anywhere. Experience, qualification, and great personal chemistry are the key criteria in your coach selection – location is not.

Your best fitting coach might simply not be living in your city or even country. Fortunately, video calls come close to a face-to-face experience, drastically expanding your possibility to find the best coach for you.

How do you ensure that coaches on hellolife are experienced and trustworthy?

Not all coaches who would like to be part of the hellolife community do get accepted to our platform. Why? Because a personal interview with us is required during our onboarding process. Qualification and quality are key for us, because we want you to discover life coaches who are outstanding at what they do.

Some of the requirements for a coach to become a member of hellolife:

A personal discussion between us and the coach to get to know each other and evaluate whether we are in synch when it comes to quality expectations and values of hellolife.

The coach must have successfully completed a coaching education at a recognized coaching institute.

The coach cannot be affiliated to any cults.

Hellolife is not only the place to find your perfect life coach. It is also a platform for coaches/clients to openly share their feedback. All coach reviews on hellolife are real. Coaches do not have any influencing possibility, and customers who share their feedback are individually registered users. In addition, the hellolife team checks every review before it gets published.

We do not delete or hold back critical feedback. This way, you can take real-world testimonials into consideration when searching for the coach who is right for you.

I still have further questions.

Fantastic. Please get in touch with us.

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