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Life if too short to keep searching.

hellolife is the go-to platform for people looking for more happiness in life. We are home to the best qualified life coaches specialized in a wide range of coaching fields. Our coaches are committed to help their clients pursue whatever goal they might have - create a better job-life balance, let go of the past, build harmonious and meaningful relationships, find more joy in life, you name it.

During the early stages of the Covid pandemic, Susanne was convinced that too many people were overwhelmed by the challenges they faced, often struggling, and coping silently. Many, they assumed, would have benefited from sharing their situation with an objective interlocutor, some kind of professional listener who could help them sort their feelings, lead to actions, drive change – a life coach. But where to find them? At the same time, video calls became the new normal thus enabling individuals to find their perfect life coach all the way across the country or, well, globe. This is how hellolife was born. Driven by a great deal of idealism that the world can be a happier place.



Outstanding Coaches

There is an incredible number of people who refer to themselves as coaches. By far not all manage to achieve truly lasting results with their clients. hellolife is all about these lasting successes – and no less. That's why you'll only find coaches with us who can really support you on your personal journey and actually help you make – lasting – change happen. On hellolife.com you can not only search for life coaches, but will find the one who is right for you. All coaches listed here are passionate about their job and are appropriately qualified. When interviewing with the hellolife team, they convinced us of their expertise and passion, and we are proud that they are presenting themselves on hellolife.

People looking for change

For very different reasons, people come to a point where they – some more urgently than others – feel the desire for change, for a new start, for something different. This is exciting, especially when that wish can be translated into action. We’re glad you found us. Not only is hellolife the right place to directly contact the best coaches. All our content is hopefully of value to you in your quest for change and greater happiness. Sign up for our newsletter and be in the know. Also, please reach out if you feel there’s missing here or if you think we can do something better. We look forward to every hello.

Empty talk? Not with us.

Far too often we come across blogs on the web with a lot of words stringed together, but too little valuable content. That's not fun. As a result, you will not find off-the-shelf blog posts here. Because your time matters too much to us. Blog posts on hellolife are mainly authored by coaches. They are experts, not content creators. They have experience and pass on their knowledge, share their perspectives, and offer help and tips. They don't write about abstract topics, but about stuff they actually have something to say about. Because they are professionals. Enjoy reading!

You'd like to join us?

Working at hellolife is incredibly exciting. We're growing rapidly and there simply aren't enough hours in the day to tackle all the ideas and possibilities we already have in mind. We are driven by a great amount of idealism and the firm conviction that hellolife can initiate positive change for many people. Every day, we are proud to be making a difference with what we do. We love working in an international team and with our customers around the world.

If you feel and think like we do and you’d like to be part of the hellolife team, please let us know. Enjoy SEO and online marketing or editorial work? There are lots of great things to do.


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