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hellolife.com is quickly becoming an authority for anyone seeking more happiness and satisfaction in life. It is the go-to place for people who are looking for the perfect coach. The number of our visitors discovering and contacting independent coaches is growing exponentially. And while it is great that the number of coaches registering with us is climbing rapidly too, we are most proud of one fact: only coaches who are certified and outstanding at what they do get listed on hellolife.com. We don’t compromise on quality.

Everything on hellolife is designed to make you as a coach shine. Our goal is to enable anyone to find you and get in direct touch with you without hurdles, without ifs or buts, and without commission.
How to start? Quite simply: register yourself as a coach and start shining today. You still got questions? We are right here to get you started. 

The hellolife team is super excited to make the world a tad bit better

We are spreading the news of life coaching benefits and by connecting people who are looking for help with those who are best qualified to provide it. We are sure you’ll enjoy being part of the story. 


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€10.00 per month

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Shine as a coach on hellolife
Secure your domain: hellolife.com/Your-Name
Alerts on relevant coach requests
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€100.00 per year

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2 months per year free
Shine as a coach on hellolife
Secure your domain: hellolife.com/Your-Name
Alerts on relevant coach requests
Right to publish your articles on hellolife
Secure soft-launch offer by being an early bird
No risk: end subscription at any time


Your domain is not cryptic, but something you will be proud of.
Easy to remember, easy to be found and valuable in your SEO strategy.


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Shine With
Your Profile

Nothing distracts from you.
You will stand out with your profile and increase your online visibility. Potential customers will find you and get to know you. They will directly get in touch with you, or continue browsing straight to your individual website.
Without any barriers.

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Hot Leads 

What are hot leads? Potential customers who are actively searching for a coach.
Apart from getting listed on our coach directory, you will automatically receive relevant leads and it is up to you to decide if you wish to reply.

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Your Reputation 

Let your happy customers praise you by posting a reference on hellolife.
Those references are directly linked to your profile and help potential new clients make up their minds. Our visitors can be sure that all references on hellolife are genuine and trustworthy. 

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Publish Articles
On hellolife

Publishing your articles on hellolife will maximize your online reach and strategically position you as a coach. Attract new clients early on by showing your knowledge – always linked to you.
hellolife translates, illustrates, interlinks and promotes you and your blog posts. Fabulous, right?

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Get Found
Across Geographies

hellolife is optimized for a global reach.
Starting in German and English, your profile and content will immediately be visible to potential customers who would hardly come across your individual website. Grow your business without (geographic) borders.

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Coach Community
Become Part Of It

Not only will you be in very good company, but you will be part of the hellolife community. We facilitate regular interaction among coaches, allowing you to share and learn from the experience and best practices of your peers.

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Our Swell Coach Backend
Makes Your Life Easy

Beside managing your profile, your hellolife dashboard gives you visibility on hot leads as well as on comments that have been posted on your articles. Obviously, it also tracks all the contacts you received through hellolife.

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What is hellolife for coaches?
Hellolife is the place to find the perfect life coach. Your potential customers will be searching their perfect coach match here. Launched with the mission to bring more people in touch with life coaches, hellolife is one of the fastest growing directories for outstanding coaches. The number of prospect clients that are on the quest for more happiness and satisfaction in life is growing exponentially, making hellolife.com the perfect place to promote your business and acquire new clients.
How does hellolife help me to get new clients?

People visiting hellolife.com, find and get in direct touch with life coaches via these two main ways:

1. Your potential customers browse through our directory of outstanding coaches presenting themselves. Visitors read insightful articles on our blog that are largely authored by our coaches. Contacting any coach of interest or continue browsing to the respective website is as easy as it gets with just one click of a button.

2. Visitors who are in an acute search phase for a coach can post a coach search request. The request is sent to any relevant coach registered on hellolife. If the lead sounds like a match to you and your expertise, then you have the possibility to directly answer and get in touch with the client. Our fast track to a high value lead.

How much does hellolife cost?

We offer different time-based (monthly or yearly) subscription plans that will give you full access to hellolife as a coach.

In addition to that, you are can purchase credits - we call them ‘hellos’. These hellos can be used to directly reply to a hot lead coming to your inbox in the form of an individual coach search request.

Here you will find further information regarding pricing

What are the other benefits of joining hellolife?

Ultimately, you will be visible and active where your potential customers are searching for guidance and their perfect coach.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, we keep adding new features and implementing further ideas that will help you to grow your business.

Quality is key for us and if you share our desire to improve lives and make the world a happier place, then hellolife is where you want to be listed.

How many clients can I expect if I join hellolife?

Obviously, that’s a tough one to answer. The number of clients you can expect depends on various factors, including your specialization, your qualification and how actively you leverage the possibilities to promote yourself on hellolife.

We structured our fees in a way that already with just one new customer per year, your investment (an annual hellolife membership) would have been paid off. We are absolutely positive that most coaches will attract more than just one new customers.

Are there any pre-requisites to be admitted as a coach to hellolife?

Yes. Quality is our key criterion. At hellolife, we help outstanding coaching professionals to promote their business. Nothing makes us happier than clients on the search finding their perfect coach match. And coaches growing their business, too!

While none of the criteria per se is a must, we expect you to run your own business, be able to provide certifications and have relevant coaching experience. If your clients are willing to share their experience with you by posting a review – even better. At hellolife we love publishing honest and transparent testimonial quotes.

How does the onboarding process work?

Latest when you decided to join hellolife, we will contact you and guide you through all the necessary and also possible steps. We are not an anonymous company but we love the personal interaction. We had the pleasure to get to know all coaches listed on hellolife and are proud of this wonderful growing community.

I am not sure if I should join. What shall I do?

Simply get in touch with us to find out more. Our team is in personal contact with every single coach you see on the platform and mutual understanding of background and expectations is vital.

The second comment would be that it is not such a big decision as you might think right now. You can always start and test using the monthly subscription plans and only grow to a yearly plan if you are fully convinced.

I don't see my question here... I guess it isn't frequently asked.
Not a problem. We love to chat and get to know you.

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