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Yes, Coaching Can

Learn to speak your mind’s language through NLP

January 10, 2023

Bettina Koster
10 minutes read

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


NLP is linked to the functions of our nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and senses). NLP helps one to perceive things in a stronger and more differentiated manner. Unwanted feelings, habits and behavior patterns are changed as you focus on your goal.


The linguistic aspect of NLP plays a leading role. Human beings communicate in two ways. One is outward, towards our environment, and secondly, inwardly, with ourselves. Due to these two channels sometimes, information is lost and not all the information reaches our brains, the way it should.  Through advanced communication methods, this can improve.


This term is all about changing the way we are "hard-wired". It's about programming ourselves to change our feelings and behaviors the way we want. The NLP coaching methods can be used for a wide variety of issues - if you wish to treat an unwanted behavior, a physical ailment, or to better understand yourself.


What people who have used NLP have to say

“I was surprised to learn some things about me that I didn’t know I was capable of. A lot of shifts occurred in these sessions and my practitioner constant watching over made sure they were in the right direction! I stumbled upon things about myself, I didn't know still existed, and I was surprised to learn some things about me that I didn't know I was capable of. It’s like I was introduce me to my life's purpose”
– P.M. NLP client

“I was not sure whether I would be joining the NLP Coaching– and I’m so glad I did. It is the best I have done in my life. I find it exciting, challenging, and completely immersive. It is rigorous, and it doesn’t offer quick win formulas for overnight coaching success. It offers something so much more valuable”.  – N.R. NLP client


Change, improve and generally achieve more in life.

Through NLP, clients get to learn models, techniques, and processes to follow that help bring about change and help them get what they want from life and achieve excellence.

NLP can help you improve your communication and influence skills significantly. Not only that but NLP techniques will increase your resilience to change as well!

In the working world, NLP life coaching can improve your results by helping you improve your leadership, sales, management, and relationships skills.

In your personal life, it can help you connect to your purpose, overcome stumbling blocks, and aid you to navigate your journey.


Discover the benefits of NLP

Whatever you may be and whatever you may do, this life coaching approach is beneficial to you. Get the tools to truly transform your life!

  • Entrepreneurs and businesspeople will learn the techniques required to increase business sales and staff motivation and communicate effectively and persuasively with others.
  • Organizations will increase staff engagement.
  • Parents will learn how to guide their children towards a better future.
  • Students can improve their confidence and perspective.

NLP life coaching methods help you to adopt structures for a happier way of life. NLP life coaching gives you a wider range of positive feelings and behaviors. You’ll learn to communicate and respond better. And, the more options you have available, the easier it is to make optimal decisions.


A brief background of NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. Together they worked with and studied alongside some of the most talented psychiatrists and therapists of the day. However, contrary to most therapists at that time, they took a different approach in that they focused on bringing about measurable change, rather than theorizing.

For Bandler and Grinder, the motivation was to unearth the psychological strategies that great performers used, to understand what they did and how they went about doing it. From there, they developed ways to apply these strategies so others could replicate their performance.

As word spread about the benefits of their findings more people became intrigued and the phenomenon was used across a broad spectrum of human endeavors, including coaching, art, sport, and business.

John Grinder and Richard Bandler called their model Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Neuro – due to the patterns that they discovered were at the level of our neurological processes.
Linguistic – due to the ways our language reflects our neurology.
Programming – due to our ability to break free from our programmed behavior and choose to organize our ideas and actions the way we wish to.


Here’s what you stand to gain by using NLP

When you use NLP, it enhances your ability to behave constructively and positively. NLP techniques help you to connect with others, build rapport and communicate better and understand others more deeply. With it, you can use language skills and patterns to ask questions that achieve positive outcomes.

NLP helps you to understand the outcome that you want in each situation, and to develop sufficient awareness to know whether you're moving toward or away from that outcome. What it teaches you is that you can be more flexible about changing your behavior, which enables you, in turn, to achieve the desired goal.

In any situation, NLP can help you become more aware of what you are saying, how you are saying it, and whether the other person you are speaking to is engaged. Through this awareness, you can shift your behavior or your speech to re-engage with them to achieve your goal successfully.

In situations of conflict or difficult discussions, you can use NLP to help you shift your perception and put yourself in the other person's shoes. This can help you to better understand and appreciate where the other person is coming from. Likewise, to wrap up the discussion, you might take a bird’s eye perspective of things to get a sense of the bigger picture, before agreeing on the outcome.

NLP can help you to increase your confidence. Through NLP you can develop a stronger sense of yourself, what you wish to achieve and how to get there. This allows you to be more confident and your unconscious mind will develop new ways to create subtle shifts and increases your confidence.


Common misconceptions around NLP

There is a school of thinking that NLP involves manipulating others into doing what you want them to do. Think of a pushy salesperson persuading you to buy something you begrudgingly purchased. However, it's the use of the tool that determines manipulation, not the actual tool. If the tool is used to disadvantage someone else, that is then manipulation. If it's used to another person’s advantage, then, obviously the tool is being used positively.

Another misconception is that NLP is used to detect whether someone is not being truthful by watching their eye movements. Indeed, part of developing your sensory insight is about picking up subtle eye movements and understanding that different movements have different meanings. But., since the meanings associated with everyone’s eye movements are unique, you need to understand what they mean before you can even begin to use NLP for this purpose. We wouldn’t need polygraph tests if this were the case.


Programming you for success - That is what NLP is.

NLP can enhance your existing communication skills to help you create effortless change, have a greater impact, and further enhance your ability to connect with others. NLP enables you to improve your ability to speak persuasively and listen to others emphatically to make them feel they are understood.

By using NLP techniques, you can speak the language of your audience so that your words have a greater impact and create effortless change by identifying behaviour that may be preventing you from achieving your goals. In a nutshell, NLP helps you to program yourself for success.


What does an NLP coach do?

People communicate their feelings in different ways. Generally, we unconsciously communicate how we are feeling. Our tone of voice, rate of speech, volume, facial expressions, and the words we use tell us what is going on emotionally. An NLP coach is trained to detect tiny clues in the behaviour and communication of people. This enables a coach to understand people more in-depth. A coach uncovers the limitations that people have imposed on themselves and works with them to move forward.

You will likely have bad experiences if you think badly of yourself. The most common limiting beliefs that people suffer from are worthlessness, hopelessness, and helplessness. You increase the likelihood of failing when you give in to limiting beliefs. With NLP limiting beliefs are treated as assumptions in NLP. The NLP coach shows you ways that you can make conscious decisions about what you want to believe. If you are unhappy with the results you get with a belief set, you have the freedom to change it. The NLP coach uses questioning techniques to find out what feelings are behind the limiting beliefs and then challenges the limitations to change the negative thought pattern.


Who is NLP coaching suitable for?

NLP coaching is suitable for everyone who wants to improve, change, and achieve more in life. People consider NLP coaching to overcome unpleasant limitations in their lives and to acquire a new range of possible actions. NLP coaching methods help people to adopt structures for a happier way of life. NLP coaching gives you a wider range of positive feelings and behaviours and in turn, learn to communicate and respond better. The more options available, the easier it is to make optimal decisions.

NLP has great results in education and helps in school teaching to achieve better results. It can also be used effectively in human resources, management, mediation, or the legal/court system. In counselling and psychotherapy, incredible results can be achieved with NLP coaching methods. In the business world, entrepreneurs and executives use NLP to improve their interpersonal skills, presentation techniques and business acumen. People learn to build better relationships with each other, even across cultural and belief boundaries.

NLP coaching helps improve your communication and increase your full potential. The NLP coaching methods help you to grow personally, develop yourself and become more efficient.


What is NLP coaching used for and what does it do?

NLP coaching finds a wide range of applications when practiced. It is used wherever you wish to better communicate with others or yourself. NLP helps to stay motivated - even over longer periods - and to keep achieving set out goals. By visualizing the desired state and experiencing it in your mind in all details - repeatedly - it will be easier for you to reach your goals. It works the same way when you want to get rid of fears. You imagine your desired state and then achieve it by overcoming fears.

NLP aids greatly in communication and in consulting and sales. Through the NLP methods, facts can be explained to someone effectively and comprehended in a better understanding. You can use NLP questioning techniques to find out exactly what someone else needs. Your peers, customers or clients don't necessarily see the world the way you do, they have their own priorities.

Thanks to NLP you can speak the language of your target group. In sales, NLP training helps you to speak the language of your customer. You will learn to listen carefully to your customer’s needs and understand what is important to them. Often, these are not the same priorities you have. Through NLP you can engage with his way of looking at the world. Accordingly, you can sell your customer the right product or service.


Possibilities and limits of NLP

NLP coaching has enjoyed popularity for several decades. This is because it can be used very broadly and aids with practically all concerns of daily life. Results are quickly visible after NLP coaching.

What is tricky is keeping it alive every day. Making sure that you practice what you have been taught will show results in the first week, and if you're really disciplined, you feel great even after two weeks. But, after three weeks the slump comes and the energy and euphoria wane.

NLP is excellent as a short-term therapy. But it does take discipline and dedication to keep it going. NLP focuses strongly on bringing about immediate change and it’s up to you to reap the benefits of it in the long term.

If there is no coach available who can help keep you on track and monitor the change process, most people give up and fall into their old patterns. It is important to look at all areas - the present, the past and the future.


The bottom line

NLP is wonderful at tapping into your true potential but requires active participation. Staying on track and constantly challenging the way you see your beliefs will make all the difference in how you engage with others and yourself.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not try NLP today?



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