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Health In Translation

Ghida Idriss

“Learn the language of your health Empower yourself with your health”

I am an entrepreneur, born in a civil war and spent my life as an expat.
At a relatively young age, I developed Multiples Sclerosis...the best wake up call I ever got!
That started a journey of self exploration, development and healing.
From Ayurvedic healing to trauma informed, my own health journey prompted me to explore the many facades of alternative medicine and healing.

Healing in not a destination, it is a journey that we embark on, for all our life.

We live in a time of instant gratification.
From a phone that gives us everything at our finger tips, to medicines that give us instant relief; yet our overall health is declining and our mental health is exhausted.
We see a rise in chronic illnesses with doctors informing us there is no cure... or ingesting pills for life, as remedies...

In health coaching, I invite you to be curious about your bodies, your minds and your overall health.
Through the coaching, you will explore the language of your health and your bio-individuality which in turn will optimize your well being.
From loosing weight, to managing chronic illnesses, you will learn how to heal yourself and see the ripple effect on your loved ones.


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