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Anna Damak

“Unlock your potential. Take your career to new heights with personalized guidance.”

Anna is currently a professor at the University. She holds a PhD in finance and is an ICF ACTP coach preparing ICF ACC professional certification. Anna has an experience in guiding students towards achieving their career goals. Throughout her career, Anna has helped graduates' students take the ownership of their career path, achieve significant milestones and success shifts in their journey. She has also worked with young adults from different backgrounds, industries, and levels of experience.
Her passion for career development stems from her belief that everyone deserves a fulfilling career that aligns with their strengths, interests, and values.
Anna's coaching approach is tailored to meet each individual's unique needs and purposes. She begins by conducting a thorough assessment to identify their strengths, areas of improvement, and career aspirations. Anna then works collaboratively with her clients to develop a personalized career plan that outlines the steps needed to achieve their goals and glow up their careers. Her coaching focuses on helping individuals build their confidence, develop their skills, and identify and overcome any obstacles that may be hindering or sabotaging their progress.

Anna's clients describe her as a compassionate, insightful, and dedicated coach who genuinely cares about their success. She provides a safe and supportive environment where her clients can explore their career options, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and take action towards achieving their goals.

Anna's coaching is based on evidence-based practices, including cognitive-behavioral techniques, positive psychology, and solution-focused approaches.
Anna is committed to ongoing learning and professional development. She stays up to date with the latest research, trends, and best practices in career development and coaching by attending conferences, participating in training programs, and reading industry publications.

As a professional career coach, I am here to help you navigate the complexities of the job market and take your career to the next level while finding balance and fulfillment in your personal life. Whether you are just starting out in your career or looking to make a major transition, I offer personalized guidance to help you find clarity, direction and purpose to achieve your goals and shape your future.
With years of experience and a deep understanding of the job market, I am equipped to help you identify your strengths, develop a compelling personal brand, connect with the right opportunities and position yourself as a high value hire. My goal is to empower you to unlock your full potential and achieve the success you deserve. Let's work together to make your career dreams a reality.
Remember! A successful career is about more than just climbing the corporate ladder. It's also about creating a sustainable and fulfilling life outside of work!


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